It is said that it is more important what you digest than what you eat. You can eat the healthiest food, but if you don´t digest it well, it might become harmful. The time when you eat is important, just as if the food is appropriate for your Dosha. Is your food fresh, organic and locally produced? Is the food cold or hot? Do you eat with positive and calm mindset or angry and in a noisy environment? The digestion begins already in the mouth at the moment the tongue tastes the food. The digestive organs should be ready for the food when the food reaches the gut. This means also that you should have had digested the previous meal before eating again. 

The tastes have an influence on the Doshas and how much of each Dosha your body is producing. 

The six tastes


Earth and water

+ Increases Kapha

– Decreases Pitta and Vata


Earth and Fire

+ Increases Kapha and Pitta

– Decreases Vata


Water and Fire

+ Increases Kapha and Pitta

– Decreases Vata


Fire and Air

+ Increases Pitta and Vata

– Decreases Kapha


Air and Ether

+ Increases Vata

– Decreases Pitta and Kapha