Pitta is a combination of Fire and Water. They are often stronger than Vata constitution, but they are not as big as Kapha. The body type is medium. They might have reddish hair and have early graying or hair loss. Pitta skin has often freckles and moles and the skin is warm and oily. Pitta has fewer wrinkles than dryer Vata type. 

Pittas have a strong apetite. The main characteristic is fire and this also is notable with a strong temper. 

Pitta is very intelligent and they have good concentration skills. They might like competition and have charisma and might have controlling side with perfectionism. This perfectionism might end up sometimes to a burn out if they don´t take care of a proper rest. 

Heat increases Pitta and in Summer is important to take care not to stay too much in sunlight or do a lot of sports and eat less spicy and fried food.